Honey is a seasonal product.  Usually we harvest in late summer, but sometimes some can be had in June-July.  We bottle extracted honey in 1, 1 1/2, 2 and 3 pound bottles or jars.  In addition we produce a limited amount of "creamed" honey (see below).  We sell honey in local farmers' markets, usually with the following schedule:
Farmers Markets Closed For Season
    Friday mornings (7:00 am to 1:00 pm) at the St. James Farmers Market at the Chamber of Commerce office.
    Tuesday and Saturday mornings (7:00 am to 1:00 pm) at the Rolla Downtown Market across from City Hall. (The Downtown Market ends with the first weekend in October 2015 and will resume again in April of 2016.)

Feel free to call us at 636-357-7658 to confirm that we will be there.

Our products are also available at
    Mace Supermarket, 200 N. Franklin, Cuba, Missouri

    Voss Market Highway 50 in Beaufort, Missouri

    Lonigro's Supermarket, Gerald, Missouri

    JnL2 Bistro, Owensville, Missouri

    Bem General, Highway 19, Bem Missouri

    Foods for Health
707 S Bishop Ave. 
Rolla, Missouri

    Hair Express,  124 W. Terra Lane, O'Fallon, Missouri

    Bourbon Roller Mill 344 E. Pine, Bourbon, Missouri

    Old Towne Antiques - Doolittle 401 Schofer Street, Rolla, Missouri

    Mobil On The Run 102 Truman Drive, CubaMO 65453 Phone Number: 573-885-3804 

    Frick's Market 45 N. Clark,  Sullivan, MO  573-468-4191 X 10 and 401 Central Ave, Union, MO 636-583-2181

Creamed Honey (sometimes called spun honey):  All honey will crystallize eventually.  This is not spoilage by any means and the liquid honey can be restored with gentle heat (never overheat honey).  Left to itself the honey will grow rather large crystals (which are basically pure sugar) and these larger crystals impart a "gritty" texture to the otherwise smooth honey experience.

On the other hand, a carefully controlled process can induce the honey to produce micro-crystals which result in a smooth product that spreads like butter with none of the drip and mess(?) of the liquid version.  For those who mainly consume their honey in coffee, teas, etc or cook with it, the liquid honey is the product to select.  But for those who like to spread some honey on a hot biscuit or toast, etc., consider trying the creamed honey.

We also produce flavored creamed honey.  We carefully add food grade candy flavoring to the mix before the crystallization is done which creates a delightful, fat-free treat.  Currently, we produce cinnamon flavored, pecan flavored, chocolate flavored, blackberry flavored and strawberry flavored jars in the 6 and 12 oz sizes.  These, along with all our other products of course, make unique gifts for holidays and other special occasions.